The Power of Many-What you will learn at EventCamp

The very cool thing about planning Event Camp Vancouver is that it is about the many collaborators, the host committee members, the speakers, facilitators, social media leaders and ultimately the face to face and remote participants that will make EventCamp Vancouver as memorable and rewarding an experience as the previous EventCamps have been for those participants.

As Kiki L’Italien of Delcor’s Social Media Sweet Spot says, “It fills the well.”  (this is not her first EventCamp!)

As Glenn Thayer says “EventCamp is about bringing together the thought leaders and innovators of the industry to share ideas.  All of us know more than any of us.”  (This is also not Glenn’s first EventCamp)

There are over 35 people deeply invested and giving their time, equipment, delicious food and beverage, expertise, energy and knowledge resources to make sure that EventCamp delivers to you learning and connections, a few fun surprises, sessions that make you think, and ultimately tools to apply when you return to your organization on Monday. rejevenated by your experience.

If you join us you will leave knowing more about event and meeting design, collaboration, integrating sustainability, ethics, CSR, building and using an app for your event, building and using a game to increase learning and engagement, how to deliver hybrid events and how to better use social media when you are working within an organization or personal brand.  It sounds like a lot but those leading these sessions are working to make the information digestible, memorable, fun and applicable.  We think you will be pleased.

The food will be nutritious, delicious and thoughtfully prepared beginning with the Westin Bayshore Vancouver culinary team on Friday, through to the all-day breaks and lunch hosted by Centerplate and the Vancouver Convention Centre in their scratch kitchen, to the amazing evening we are cooking up with Culinary Capers and the Underground Circus on Saturday evening, including the wine fairies…

We welcome our campers, we are excited to engage with our remote audience including our Montreal pod and know we are going to come out with some great new friendships and collaborations.  Thank you to all of you (you know who you are!) who are responsible for making this come to life.



About Tahira Endean
Designing relevant meeting and event experiences to exceed defined participant and stakeholder expectations. Master of using in-your-pocket technology to drive connections + learning. Loves all things with bubbles.

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