ECV11 Update! The Game is Afoot!

By Judy Kucharuk & Shawna McKinley

Skits, surprises and sustainability were on the agenda today at Event Camp Vancouver! For those of you who missed our session some important updates:

ECV Sustainability Team Shipwrecked!

Yes, Sustainability Skippers Judy Kucharuk and Shawna McKinley were found ship-wrecked in Stanley Park today, debating which sustainable seafood was the best to catch first in order to stay alive. That’s until Quickmobile’s James Hsu and Trevor Roald threw them a line and hauled them into the SS EventCamp at the Westin Bayshore. Much hilarity and Gilligan’s Island-inspired karaoke ensued.

Get Your Green On is LIVE!

That’s right. The challenge is on to find the greenest camper at EventCamp Vancouver! Remote and onsite registrants can play by downloading the event application from the iTunes store (if you use an iPad or iPhone) or going to the mobile web site (for laptop and other mobile device users). Log in with your previously emailed username and password. Detailed instructions on how to play are found here, as well as in the Game tab in the app.

Game Legacy Challenge Announced!

EventCamp Vancouver game-players were challenged by Judy and Shawna to collectively perform 1000 Acts of Green over the course of the event. To provide extra motivation they also announced that for every individual Act of Green toward this goal MeetGreen will contribute $1 to the BC Cancer Foundation. MeetGreen also challenges other meeting professionals in the #eventprofs community to match their donation! If you want to respond to the fundraising challenge let us know in the #ECV11 Twitter community.

Oh, and a little bit of background on sustainability at ECV!

6 months ago Tahira approached us to help integrate sustainability into Event Camp Vancouver.

Our challenge: How to achieve that when EventCamp is not a typical model for sustainable events? We’re used to the traditional approach you’ve likely all heard before: RFP about sustainability, contract for it, slap it on a web page, measure, evaluate, document. Well, as you can imagine with a collaborators model (RFPs? What do you mean, contracts?) we needed to reconsider this approach!

So our focus shifted to consider some of the very, very basic aspects of sustainability that are relevant to any event:

  • What is the context? The city? The attendees? The objective?
  • What resources do we have and how can we best use them to address important things like climate change, pollution and waste?
  • What do stakeholders want to achieve and how committed are they?
  • What can we control and what can we influence?

Fortunately, we’ve had a great foundation to work with. Tahira made it very clear that collaboration and sustainability were going to be themes of EventCamp early on. Many collaborators were also already integrating sustainability into what they do. Both of these enabled a collaborative conversation to go beyond basic sustainable business practice, to engage in new ways and to visibly highlight these steps.

At ECV there is little we control except our individual actions, so we’re really in debt to collaborators for what they’ve voluntarily offered to do to support our effort. We thank them for engaging and hope you all will, too. As important as their engagement has been, our success now is most reliant on how we can encourage each of you to get engaged here onsite!

Which brings us to the innovation in event sustainability that EventCamp Vancouver is offering: The Get Your Green On Game!

Those of you who are familiar with ‘green’ events know there is a lot of pressure on the planner and supplier to make more sustainable choices. Many of these decisions are invisible to attendees for the most part: recycled content in carpets, water conserving fixtures, kitchen composting, local purchasing, etc. Our goal is to shift the focus to empower attendees to notice these efforts by suppliers and planners and to make sustainable choices themselves. We believe that through individual acts of green by attendees, that the choices planners and suppliers make can be amplified to make an even bigger difference. Not only in terms of footprint, but maybe more importantly in terms of legacy, such as the charity challenge dropped my MeetGreen today.

The Get Your Green on Game helps to reinforce the very important personal actions of our attendees. The game has also been designed to encourage attendees to “Stop, look and listen” and by doing so, they will be rewarded with additional points. Looking at our surroundings with fresh eyes, through a green lens, noticing all of the great sustainable actions (perhaps for the first time) that have been undertaken by our collaborators, is important.

We are excited about this project and have enjoyed the process immensely. Thank you to Tahira for trusting us with this project and thank you to Quickmobile for all of their hard work.

Now……get out there and “Get Your Green On!”


About Tahira Endean
Designing relevant meeting and event experiences to exceed defined participant and stakeholder expectations. Master of using in-your-pocket technology to drive connections + learning. Loves all things with bubbles.

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