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In the next few weeks we will continue to post information about our partners and today we would like to thank AV Strategies and tell you a little about how they supported EventCamp Vancouver.

To plan an Event Camp that is a hybrid format requires involving the people who truly understand the demands of not only supporting a hybrid meeting, but a hybrid meeting for event producers and meeting planners on both the face to face and virtual side.

We were not only planning to live stream out information, but we were also bringing in four separate presentations via Skype over two days as well as creating interaction with our pod in Montreal.  Added to the complexities we were also partnering with MediaSite by Sonic Foundry and both live streaming and  capturing content for later cataloging and distribution and all the feeds needed to work seamlessly. Don’t forget the whole time the world is watching and live tweeting about the experience so we will know immediately what they think.

Did I mention that on top of this the venue was moving out another  large meeting and our load in for everything both technical and non-technical for the 830am live stream is at 4am? With the day running until 5pm?  (read no sleep for this team… again)


learning in action at EventCamp Vancouver

The good news? It all worked!  Every presentation, slide-sharing, trying out the pirate – pad for the collaboration session, the q & a sessions, the right music for walkins and small session background, lighting, the random videos that were pulled up, the  live interaction with Montreal… what an awesome experience for all our participants.  While it seemed simple, it took good planning, knowing ahead of time what the expectations were and at the end of the day having the right team to support the efforts.  Thank you.

The archived programming can be found here and we again thank our collaborating partners Sonic Foundry for their support.


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Designing relevant meeting and event experiences to exceed defined participant and stakeholder expectations. Master of using in-your-pocket technology to drive connections + learning. Loves all things with bubbles.

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