Challenges & Solutions – Small Business

On Saturday morning we deep dove into challenges the industry in general and the people in the room needed to address.  You can watch here, and the recap is below.

(the full catalog of sessions is here)


Our industry is full of small businesses, often collaborating, often on their own to deal with challenges. This session saw more than 15 small business owners enjoying a frank discussion with others in similar positions about where we are now and how we can move forward together.

Challenge or Problem Discussed Solutions Discussed
IT Challenges – Not enough time to up-keep systems – Not enough time to train all staff on systems and properly implement systems –  Expense of adding systems and then up-keeping exorbitant –  How to hand learning from person to person year to year – Breakdown challenge of tech and information to CHAMPIONS.  Have individuals hold small detailed elements of information rather than everyone knowing everything – Work collaboratively with other business’ to share resources – eg:  share a tech or IT guy –
Value Challenges –  How do we differentiate ourselves in an ever increasingly competitive market place where companies are overlapping in skill sets – Timelines shrinking so lowest common denominator thinking and acting takes hold –  Ideas migrate and become same – market ever fickle – Focus business on relationships and building relationships –  Increased competition almost means you need to work MORE closely with competitors.  Share knowledge of marketplace and plan strategically.  Share resources at cross over points
– Differentiation of Small business’ vs independent operators.  Ie: challenges of business’ with 5 – 10 employees are very different from those with 1 or 2. – Smaller companies can pick and choose.  Can focus on being more specialized.  Don’t have to do RFP’s – Larger small business’ with larger overhead are forced to go after and scramble for more work.

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Designing relevant meeting and event experiences to exceed defined participant and stakeholder expectations. Master of using in-your-pocket technology to drive connections + learning. Loves all things with bubbles.

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