White Paper 2 – Get Your Green On


How incredible to create an experience that not only provided so many infromational posts and engagement among live and remote participants, but also generated TWO white papers! The first on the meeting design of ECV11 is just below this post, and the second by Judy Laine and Shawna McKinley along with our partner QuickMobile can be found here.


White Paper on ECV11 Meeting Design

When we began this experiment we call Event Camp Vancouver, we had many objectives, and we achieved much as a group. We learned lessons from the seven Event Camps that had taken place before us, learned from their innovations and experiments, and built on some and added some new twists. There was so much thought, time, effort and energy put into what was a highly successful experience, and so many learnings along the way we simply had to share these.

In this paper we will walk you through the intentional meeting design elements we incorporated and how we began with low-tech, high-touch sessions to build trust among participants and then evolved into a high-tech, high-touch hybrid event on the second and third day.  Incorporating best practices in sustainability, social gaming and event technology we were able to create a meaningful experience and introduced a number of elements that meeting and event professionals could experiment with and may be able to include into their own events.

Going through the process of re-examining why we did what we did clarified what worked well, what we can improve and how we can grow from this experience.We hope you find this useful and welcome your comments.

ECV11 White Paper

VCC – Brain Friendly Food and More

Quite honestly, this innovative and thoughtful menu was too good not to share.

#ecv11 Vancouver Convention Centre Meal

Chef Blair Plates lunch

To be able to put into practice what we are talking about with meeting design and brain friendly foods, and to see and hear about the tangible results was an Event Camp win for all.

Often as meeting planners we will choose from existing menus which may not entirely inspire with their flavours.  More importantly though, the approach often means that we are feeding our delegates high-fat breakfasts, breaks that have many baked goods full of white flour and white sugar leading to carb and sugar loads that have a negative impact on learning and engagement as your body struggles with the chemicals they release in the brain which leads to the “rush” and then the crash, rather than a stable release of blood sugars that allow for maximum meeting energy.

 With Event Camp Vancouver we worked with the Chef to try a fresh approach and the snacks below were available always through the day, so participants could go out at any time and re-energize on their own schedule.

For more information on Chef Blair Rasmussen’s philosophy and approach to creating nutritious and delicious food in the Vancouver Convention Centre’s scratch kitchen can be found here  

The Menu

 Morning Energy Bar

Low Fat Yoghurt Mango Banana Shots

Build Your Own Granola 

Gluten-free Chocolate Almond Loaf

Smoked Oceanwise Salmon, Emmenthal and Free-Range Egg Popovers

Fruit Energy Shot Blocks

Whole Fruit Basket 

Espresso Drink Bar with a Range of Espresso Drinks with Skim, 2% and Soy Milks, Matcha Tea Lattes, Vancouver Convention Centre Wildflower Honey 

Raspberry Smoothie and Watermelon, Organic Orange, Grapefruit and Carrot Juices

Pitchers of Water

Lunches at meetings are often heavy, or multi-course or buffet, and often are also high carb, leading every speaker to ask to not have that post lunch spot! Chef Blair and his team presented an incredible, light, fresh lunch full of local ingredients, and the participants really appreciated having something different. 

Lunch was presented with family style platters for the salad skewers and mini-dessert pops with the main presented in a “bento box” format shown above.

Platters of Caprese Salad Skewers

Spot Prawn Cucumber Sunomono, Micro Greens, Oceanwise Albacore Tuna Tataki and Avocado Tartar on Grilled Papadum,Vegetable Tofu Crepe Roll, Aldersmoked Free range Chicken, Chanterelles and du Puy Lentils

Platters of Double Chocolate and Lemon Cake Pops, Light Raspberry Ricotta Cakes, Apple Kuchen 

Afternoon Energy Bar

Build Your Own Trail Mix 

Garden Vegetable Crudités,

Gluten-free Crisps, Yogurt Dip and Hummus

Cranberry Oat Bites, Kamut Shortbread

and again the Fruit Energy Shot Blocks, Espresso Drink Bar,  Hydration Station were again available.

We knew we were providing the nutritional basis for keeping the attendees alert, so we added small details, a sand trough to play in, playdoh and markers at the lunch table, and an amazing environment to ensure that all the senses were engaged, each piece leading to greater retention of learnings and more “connecting the dots” which leads to greater future application of learning.

Thank you to the Vancouver Convention Centre and Centerplate Catering for understanding and working with us to deliver this innovative menu.

Collaboration – Key to Success

#ECV11 Collaboration

Collaboration in Action

From the time we decided to host an Event Camp in Vancouver, the committee knew that this was going to be about bringing the right people together to collaborate on creating an experience that would truly envelop the learners in an environment that engaged and delivered on learning objectives.  As we looked at the diversity of our group and extrapolated that to the people that would potentially attend and participate would have a similar diversity we chose to keep the topics broad so that we would be able to adapt to specific needs within these broader categories during Camp. To set the stage for the most effective working together as a group we began Saturday morning with a session on collaboration that looked at the bigger picture of how we can work together better. Based on the relationship building that happened throughout the weekend and continues today,  we can look back and be comfortable this was the right choice.

If you would like to hear the session on Collaboration presented by Ruud Janssen and Glenn Thayer you can check it out here

One of the tools we used during this session that included both the face-to-face and remote attendees sharing their ideas on collaboration is called Pirate Pad and you can link to our ideas here.


Food fit for Circus Camp

At the beginning of the planning process for EventCamp Vancouver, Culinary Capers came on board to serve up delicious fare for our Saturday night event at the Underground Circus rehearsal space. This was to be an evening where “Fear is Just a Word” and where we could play with our food as well as the apparatus.   It was also important for us to stay with the sustainability we had woven through the balance of EventCamp Vancouver, and Culinary Capers is a major proponent of using local, fresh, seasonal ingredients, and in constantly innovating and reinventing food presentation, and they definitely delivered!

Culinary Capers cream puffs

The Cream Puff Cart ready for action

ECV11 Saturday Evening Menu is here for your perusal and enjoyment.  We thought it was fabulous – every single bite!

Then there was the circus – and what a lot of fun this was.  Campers could climb the skyladder, take a turn on the triceau, watch performances including crazy contortion, learn how to fall, talk to the owners of Culinary Capers Vancouver and Beijing via Skype, have a chat with a California green event planner, Joella of Mumtaz Events who kindly joined into the party, make a shadow in the shadow box, swing around on any of the moving platforms hung at sitting level, and enjoy simply fantastic food with a glass of wine poured by a wine fairy.  This was a night unlike any other experience that our guests had participated in – and one that won rave reviews.  We are still grateful to Peter, Ninon and the acrobats for welcoming us and making this a simply great party!

Corinne Kessel Climbs

Corinne Kessel of Greenscape Decor is up the ladder!

Underground Circus contortion

Not to be tried at home!

69 Event Marketing Ideas

Collected by Shawn Cheng

EventCamp Vancouver challenges

Collaboration in Action

One of the sessions during EventCamp Vancouver was focused on the challenges currently being faced by Event and Meeting Planners and on finding solutions to these.  Shawn collected these on behalf of his Collaborative Group to share with all of us to learn from.  (and they didn’t even mention a great commercial!)

Marketing Ideas we come up about attracting people to your conference/events:

  1. Email Blasts x3
  2. Website x4
  3. Word of mouth x 6
  4. Social media x3
  5. Social Media: Create an event Facebook page x5
  6. Have speaker tweet/ Facebook the event
  7. Facebook sharing
  8. Blog
  9. Social Media: Linkedin x2
  10. Social Media: Tweets x3
  11. Posters x4
  12. Post Card
  13. Flyers in mail
  14. Media (press release) x5
  15. Partner promotion
  16. Work-related Education/ Training
  17. Promote at events that has related interesting
  18. Groupon Offers to event
  19. Ensure your message is clear x2
  20. Check rates, venue consignations
  21. Be clear about your target audience x4
  22. Email notification & reminder x2
  23. Have interesting speakers or topic that can attract people
  24. School (university) x3
  25. Community x3
  26. Promoted at venue’s website
  27. Website: Evites
  28. Website: Eveentbrite
  29. Promoted at Shopping Mall
  30. Promoted at related association’s website
  31. Local community centres
  32. Media: Radio x2
  33. Cross Market w/ partners’ website
  34. Promoted at Grocery store
  35. TV commercial x2
  36. Facebook event invite x2
  37. Internet
  38. Signage
  39. Direct invitation mail x2
  40. Follow people with interesting related to the event topic
  41. Go to event held year prior to promote your event and create excitement x2
  42. E-Distribute a video/post at YouTube…unique invitation x2
  43. Celebrity endorsement
  44. Referrals source
  45. Testimonial
  46. Web presence (site) with event info
  47. Endorsement by industry expert
  48. Share photos in the social media
  49. Special interest group/event
  50. Advertise (trade papers)
  51. Play game x2
  52. Tell all your friends/family x4
  53. Family participants
  54. Education
  55. Location
  56. Networking
  57. Industry association
  58. Gamification x2
  59. Sponsors x2
  60. Know your audience
  61. Create relevant contents and share to people
  62. Open discussion on social media
  63. Send s note to all author on topic
  64. Have great ideas and people would come
  65. Web link on all commercial
  66. QR code
  67. Include brand/ topic ppl are familiar with event topic
  68. Sell items
  69. Hard copy invitation to attendee database

Sharing Links – Brain Friendly Learning

At the same time as EventCamp Vancouver was taking place, EventCamp DC was also happening. Here is a great blog post following that event that looks at brain friendly learning.  For those of you with us in Vancouver, you briefly saw brain expert Andrea Sullivan present with Chef Blair Rasmussen on the brain friendly food we incorporated into Vancouver. Having had the opportunity to experience some of the tips included in this great post, I think many of you who joined us in Vancouver would agree, we did have a brain friendly meeting!  Check out this great recap of tips from @brainstrength as encapsulated by EventProv’s @jenisefryatt below.


We would love to hear your comments on how you think we did in Vancouver on using these principles.


Environment built for learning