Great Link for When Twitter Overwhelms You

Many of you who joined us at EventCamp Vancouver had never used Twitter before and while many of you took this time to embrace the opportunity, just as many found it overwhelming to try to follow twitter and try to follow the conversation in the room. As much as we like to think of ourselves as multitaskers, the reality is that your brain can actually only truly concentrate well on one focused task at a time.  Below is a great article by Jenise Fryatt who along with Andrea Sullivan led a session on this at EventCamp DC last week.

We will still encourage you though to join the conversation with us on Twitter and you will find most of us on sharing links and information on the #eventprofs hashtag, a great filter for finding what cool and relevant information.

Ultimately though, it is about the social in social media for most of us, so reach out, you never know who you might onnect with!