IMEX America 11 – the Stories

IMEXAmerica11 happened in October over our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and Vancouver had an excellent social media presence which was enhanced by @kikilitalien being with us in the Vancouver booth and not only filming her Social Media Sweet Spot live from the booth but capturing a plethora of fantastic interviews which can be found at the links below.

Kiki had the opportunity to interview an astounding number of people in the booth including Chris Gowe of the Vancouver Convention Centre, Glenn Thayer – the voice of meetings and events, Paul Salinger of Oracle and the current President of the Green Meetings Industry Council, Sam Smith – virtual and hybrid meeting expert who was there for SmartMeeting Monday, Lenny Talarico and King Dahl of MGM Events (fantastic work from this group), Leonora Valvo, the CEO of etouches who had just presented at the Women’s Leadership Seminar at IMEX, and so many more.

Check out the recap of her time at IMEX here –

For the full list of interviews, and you can connect to watch them here.  There are some really great perspectives from many deeply involved in the meeting and event industry, so we encourage you to check these out.  They are also available on youtube

Many of these people will be with us or are supporting us at Event Camp Vancouver in November, and it really offers you an idea of the depth of conversations and information that will be touched upon.  We hope you can join us live using the links above!