How Furniture Impacts Event Design

Tom Stulberg, LoungeWorks

LoungeWorks seating

EventCamp Vancouver ready for action

A successful event happens in an event environment that supports the objectives and enables interaction. More and more event designers are looking for better ways to create a strong brand presence and establish a distinctive value proposition for the event organizer and guests. Soft seating and lounge spaces offer a way to achieve both of these goals simultaneously. Soft furniture in a meeting context is an amenity that participants will view positively much like they appreciate the amenities they’d find in a VIP lounge in an airport. For the event organizer, furniture can be an easy way for them to state clearly the importance of the audience and the value the host/organizer places on the audience’s comfort.

In many ways, the addition of comfortable, well-designed conversation areas will also aid in learning. Any change that creates an environment that is different than what people are expecting will put them in a different learning space perceptually. Additionally, the more comfortable people are, the happier they are in the space, and the more likely they are to interact positively. By providing a variety of seating options you allow for different kinds of dialogue and group interaction. In a context that is generally focused on a stage, by adding furniture groupings you can add another dimension that encourages collaboration amongst members of each seating grouping.

As hybrid meetings become more and more popular, an essential part of the design equation needs to be looking for new ways to group participants and focus dialogue. Theatre and classroom style arrangements, while great for traditional meetings, work less well, when the conversation is between multiple groups in multiple venues. Living room style groupings–Pods–with comfortable furniture, TVs and even pod-focused cameras create opportunities for different kinds of engagement. With colour options, and custom logo treatments to event furnishings, a strong brand statement can be developed.

The pictures show a variety of seating groupings using more comfortable seating provided by LoungeWorks for both EventCamp Vancouver as well as other clients.

Furniture at work #ecv11

One of the working group optionsAnother environment that worked