Working with Glenn Thayer: Everything you REALLY wanted to know!

Glenn Thayer: The VOICE of Meetings and Events

Glenn Thayer: The Anderson Cooper of Meetings and Events

Thinking of Your Virtual Audience as delivered by Glenn Thayer at Event Camp National Conference, February 2011 shared his experiences in delivering information for hybrid events. That was only one small step in his many collaborations with EventCamps and we all thank you for your ongoing support.

Who is the real Glenn Thayer… our perceptions only are below

  1. Glenn is a generous human being who believes in the innovations event professionals are working to achieve and supports this community.
  2. Glenn is truly a professional host who understands how to move topics forward and how to ensure both live and remote audiences understand that their contributions are what will make an event impactful and meaningful for them.
  3. Glenn understands that we are often working with different levels of technology and we need to adapt to what is currently happening and he asked LOTS of questions ahead of time to ensure that everyone would have a great experience (we were fortunate in Vancouver that AV Strategies, Sonic Foundry, Direct Impact Media and Bell provided a seamless technical experience – thank you for this and also for answering all his questions!)
  4.  Glenn knows music. Good thing other people who also know super cool music were put in charge of music for the events and the meeting. Karaoke… let`s sum it up with knowing there is a place in Vancouver called FantaCity so if you have a hankering for punk rock karake you will know where to go!
  5. Glenn understands successful meeting design takes true collaboration. The time spent with Ruud Janssen on the first session, on ensuring the Design session met our objectives, the time spent understanding what we wanted to achieve for both the remote and f2f audiences, the care put into working with us to craft the balance of the sessions, and the pure skill in allowing the audience to have a balance of presentation time and collaboration time, this is the skill of Glenn and we thank you.
  6. Glenn cares. Should you choose to bring Glenn to host your event you will find someone who spends the time to understand your organization and your audience and who makes the experience better for everyone.
Glenn Thayer Triceau

Glenn adapts

7. Glenn gives great hugs. Ask Allen.  If you don`t understand this, next time join us face to face. We would love to have you!

Thank you Glenn for making EventCamp Vancouver better for all of us, we appreciate your time, your energy, your thoughtfulness and your obvious investment in ensuring we all had an experience that was the best it could be.  Thank you.