69 Event Marketing Ideas

Collected by Shawn Cheng

EventCamp Vancouver challenges

Collaboration in Action

One of the sessions during EventCamp Vancouver was focused on the challenges currently being faced by Event and Meeting Planners and on finding solutions to these.  Shawn collected these on behalf of his Collaborative Group to share with all of us to learn from.  (and they didn’t even mention a great commercial!)

Marketing Ideas we come up about attracting people to your conference/events:

  1. Email Blasts x3
  2. Website x4
  3. Word of mouth x 6
  4. Social media x3
  5. Social Media: Create an event Facebook page x5
  6. Have speaker tweet/ Facebook the event
  7. Facebook sharing
  8. Blog
  9. Social Media: Linkedin x2
  10. Social Media: Tweets x3
  11. Posters x4
  12. Post Card
  13. Flyers in mail
  14. Media (press release) x5
  15. Partner promotion
  16. Work-related Education/ Training
  17. Promote at events that has related interesting
  18. Groupon Offers to event
  19. Ensure your message is clear x2
  20. Check rates, venue consignations
  21. Be clear about your target audience x4
  22. Email notification & reminder x2
  23. Have interesting speakers or topic that can attract people
  24. School (university) x3
  25. Community x3
  26. Promoted at venue’s website
  27. Website: Evites
  28. Website: Eveentbrite
  29. Promoted at Shopping Mall
  30. Promoted at related association’s website
  31. Local community centres
  32. Media: Radio x2
  33. Cross Market w/ partners’ website
  34. Promoted at Grocery store
  35. TV commercial x2
  36. Facebook event invite x2
  37. Internet
  38. Signage
  39. Direct invitation mail x2
  40. Follow people with interesting related to the event topic
  41. Go to event held year prior to promote your event and create excitement x2
  42. E-Distribute a video/post at YouTube…unique invitation x2
  43. Celebrity endorsement
  44. Referrals source
  45. Testimonial
  46. Web presence (site) with event info
  47. Endorsement by industry expert
  48. Share photos in the social media
  49. Special interest group/event
  50. Advertise (trade papers)
  51. Play game x2
  52. Tell all your friends/family x4
  53. Family participants
  54. Education
  55. Location
  56. Networking
  57. Industry association
  58. Gamification x2
  59. Sponsors x2
  60. Know your audience
  61. Create relevant contents and share to people
  62. Open discussion on social media
  63. Send s note to all author on topic
  64. Have great ideas and people would come
  65. Web link on all commercial
  66. QR code
  67. Include brand/ topic ppl are familiar with event topic
  68. Sell items
  69. Hard copy invitation to attendee database