White Paper 2 – Get Your Green On


How incredible to create an experience that not only provided so many infromational posts and engagement among live and remote participants, but also generated TWO white papers! The first on the meeting design of ECV11 is just below this post, and the second by Judy Laine and Shawna McKinley along with our partner QuickMobile can be found here.


1715 Acts of Green! Wow!

By Judy Kucharuk & Shawna McKinley

Thank you to EventCamp Vancouver participants who Got Their Green On! A more detailed report of the Get Your Green On Game design and outcomes will be shared soon, but in the meantime: the results! Drum roll please!!

Total acts of green: 1715

Total game players: 78 (67 at event site, 11 virtual)

Top-scorers – Virtual:

  1. Jill Drury
  2. Nancy Zavada
  3. Wendi Haughty

Top scorers – Event site:

  1. Kelly Clarke
  2. Paul Salinger
  3. Jo-Anne Rockwood

Some cool facts about the game, along with Camper photos from our Gallery:

  • By reaching for reusable drink containers game players conserved 169 liters or 46 gallons of water – enough to fill 338 of the bottles provided by Patterson Brands!
  • 52 game players brought their own lanyards to camp. That’s about a 60% lanyard reuse rate!

Here is my reused lanyard, which is also made from cornstarch and is biodegradable

No lanyard....using my necklace

  • All onsite attendees received 4-minute shower timers for the game challenge and 76 showers fewer than 4 minutes were recorded (give or take a few who may have been really hard core and not showered at all, or showered with a buddy!).
  • 120 fair trade coffees and teas and 95 vegetarian or vegan meals were recorded. That’s an estimated 15% veggiesaurs at each meal during the event.
  • Many EventCamp participants opted to take transit, carpool, walk or bike to their event site or remote pod, eliminating 178 single-vehicle trips.

And a big shout out to remote attendees. By participating remotely you avoided enough carbon dioxide emissions to fill 110,000 party balloons! Your remote footprint was about 7kg of CO2 per person, compared to the 1,100 kg of CO2 that would have been emitted by coming in person.

We had Campers join us virtually!

Andrew Walker joining us from the UK!

Acts of Green also resulted in $1500 raised for the BC Cancer Foundation. Thank so much to MeetGreen and Paul Salinger for their challenge donations!

Huge thanks to all collaborators who assisted with the Get Your Green On Game: Quickmobile, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver Convention Centre, Greenscape Design and Bell.