SWAG with Sustainability in Mind

When we first began planning EventCamp Vancouver, Patterson Brands was one of the first companies to say “we are in” and “what do you want?”  We knew that whatever we gave away we wanted it to have a purpose – no swag for the sake of it, no random items desired.  We quickly agreed that having a reusable water bottle was a great thing, and these were ordered up, and not just delivered, but hand-delivered to the guests.  At the end of the event we had just a few left over, and these were taken by Tazneem Fazel and made their way into Christmas shoeboxes! Thank you Patterson Brands!
Water bottle sustainability

All Sustainable!

Patterson Brands is a company which is proud to be based on the West Coast of Canada, and we cannot help but be passionate towards our environment & the astounding natural surroundings in which we live.  It inspires us to consciously do our part in being environmentally conscious.   We strive to produce orders using the ‘100 mile’ rule.  (products which are made, warehoused, decorated and/or delivered within a 100 Mile radius of the final delivery point.)  For the most part, local sourcing puts valuable dollars into the local economy. A B.C. based business helps its business colleagues by using B.C. based warehouses (full of workers) and decorators and courier companies.  Of course, much of todays manufacturing is being done off-shore (mostly Asia), therefore we may not be able to complete the entire process locally, however we try to keep as much of the value-add labour and dollars close to home.

If a customer comes to us with a product idea, we will always try and source an eco friendly/recycled verion of the product if available (ie. reusable shopping bag made from recycled product versus one which is not).    We utilize local eco-friendly courier service Novex for local delivery to help lessen the carbon imprint. Patterson Brands also works with numerous suppliers who are constantly updating their environmentally responsible products.  We are a member of PPPC (Promotional Product Professionals of Canada) and staff frequent Promotional Product trade shows, as well as subscribe to other promotional industry based information to keep current on promotional product trends including environmentally sound products.  We then in turn educate our customers on eco friendly products available to them.  When offering products to our customers, Patterson highly recommends using B.C. based suppliers where possible to help reduce shipping distances & waste which may effect the environment.
Patterson team members practice our company values with every order we process:
Accountability : we take responsibility for our actions and their effect on our customers & fellow team members
Community & Environment : to do our best to provide an eco friendly product to our customer which is locally sourced, & delivered by eco friendly means whenever possible
Customer service:  to provide each customer with unprecedented personal & professional service in an efficient & respectful manner
Integrity:  To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth
Quality:  we are committed to ensure our customers receive the best quality item within their allotted budget